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It is vital to use a sealant when performing asphalt repair on your driveway, this will prevent damage done by rain, snow and sunlight. A new and unsealed driveway will last for a few years; however, not applying a sealer to surfaces on your property will eventually allow water to seep beneath porous surfaces. When water freezes or is heated up, you will begin to notice cracks appearing in your asphalt. Once this happens, your only recourse will be to re-lay your asphalt,asphalt paving providers advise.

Cracks within asphalt happen when the soil under the pavement begins to shift. This could be down to the changes with the weather and humidity. Asphalt is made to be able to stand up against moisture penetration due to the fact that it has glue which keeps the aggregate bound together. However, asphalt is not impervious to water damage, more so on driveways.

When freezing cold water seeps into asphalt, it will eventually freeze when the temperature starts to drop. Freezing water as everyone knows does expand, this will interfere with the glue. At some point, water will start to defrost and shrink, which will put structural pressure on pavements. These could start to buckle, and small fissures or cracks will begin to appear. This is why it is vital to use a sealant on a regular basis, approximately every 2 years, this will act as an additional layer of waterproofing.

Sadly, sealer cannot prevent cracks due to earthquakes, another reason you should consider using asphalt sealer is to maintain the color of your driveway. This sealant will keep your asphalt looking like new, instead of a faded and dull look due to the sun or extensive traffic. Asphalt sealant is also resistant to oil spills and other fluids from your vehicle, which you don’t want staining your driveway.

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