Is an Asphalt Paving Contractor Really What You Should Be Looking For?


If you are currently thinking about renovating your property with a nice driveway but you’re not sure whether to choose asphalt or concrete as a construction material then this post will definitely help you make your choice. The team of Evans Paving & Excavating Inc has enlisted in this page some useful facts regarding the services of a concrete or asphalt paving contractor.

Asphalt Paving Contractor


ASPHALT. Characteristics:

  • This material offers a standard uniform look. Its light color and specific texture do not allow stains to show up that much on it, while stained concrete is more obvious.
  • It requires more upkeep than concrete since it should be sealed every 4 to 5 years. However, it’s maintenance is much easier and cheaper.
  • It is much more resistant to weather and temperature fluctuations. If it cracks because of those factors, it can be sealed and repaired extremely easy.
  • The services of an asphalt paving contractor are easily accessible since many construction companies are well-equipped to work with this building material.
  • The installation and maintenance costs of asphalt are inexpensive in comparison to other materials.
  • The rough lifespan of a surface paved with asphalt which is maintained regularly is 30 years.


CONCRETE. Characteristics:

  • This material can appear different every time since it can be chemically stained, stamped, or polished.
  • It rarely requires maintenance but repairing asphalted surfaces takes more time and skills, than maintaining asphalt. If cracked, a concrete tile is better to be entirely replaced than to be repaired.
  • Concrete has a higher up-front cost but the rough lifespan of a surface paved with concrete is 50 years, so this investment pays off in the long run.


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