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Reliable Asphalt Paving Service

Evans Paving & Excavating Inc is a licensed and insured company that specializes in masonry and asphalt paving service. We have been at our craft for 35 years and we know the industry like the back of our hands. Our expertise has made us one of the leading paving contractors in Stamford, CT. During the years, we have worked on an abundance of projects and we have completed all of them flawlessly and without any complications. You should know that most of our clients are repeat customers. We have earned their trust by always matching their demands and expectations.

asphalt paving service


Best Equipped Contractors In Stamford, CT


We have at our disposal modern pavers with the aid of which we can quickly pave driveways and pathways of any size and shape. The materials that we use are of a quality that is second to none, so you can rest assured that your private road will be able to withstand the different natural elements and the traffic that it will be subjected to. Our technicians that are highly capable professionals that will handle the logistics and execution of your pavement project in Stamford, CT.


We Offer You the Best Value for Your Money


At Evans Paving & Excavating Inc, we work with reasonable service fees that we form depending on the exclusive parameters of each job for which we are contacted. This way we are able to easily accommodate all budgets without lowering the quality of your asphalt paving service. We have interesting discounts from which you will certainly want to profit.

We are open for business 24-hours a day, so don’t be timid to get in touch with Evans Paving & Excavating Inc at a time and day that best suits you. The most direct way to contact us if our telephone number (203) 293-9401 but you can also reach us by email and text. We promise you with a capital “P” that you won’t regret entrusting us with your upcoming asphalt pavement project.


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